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pack news

j9’s pack has dogs AND cats AND horses AND cows…you get the picture. share your great pics, stories, and quotes with the pack! 🙂



knock knock. who’s there? justin. justin who? (you’ll get why this is funny when you read the story!)

here’s an amazing story about justin and his brand new life at the Farm Sanctuary. we love a happy ending!



gus williams and baby orange kitty

santa hats? awwww, mom…

people, it doesn’t get better than this pic! and no, gus isn’t going to eat baby orange kitty. they are bff, honest, pinky swear.

besides, who’s going to suffer through holiday hats with you if not your best buddy?! to see more pics of gus and his kitty pal, go to

congrats to gus for winning pet of the day on Christmas day!


happy new year!!!

pequena and her pillow


snuggle up, it’s cold outside!! and if you’re lucky enough to have an exact likeness of you on a pillow, feel free to grab that one and send me a pic. if not, there’s always the trusted warm blankie. happy new year everyone! j9 loves you!

tubbs and blankie

love & notes



thanks to all the families that made my holiday season so…furry! here are some pics from my Christmas morning rounds. enjoy!!

Roscoe and Xmas Treats
Maggie and Santa
Luna peek-a-boo

Jimmy and Rocky Xmas AM